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    Rank diff in 3 month avg between periods, selecting top and bottom


      Happy Easter weekend


      As is usually the case, a seemingly simple chart becomes something rather complex.

      I'm looking to show the accounts that have made the largest positive and negative contributions between two dates (3 or 6 months apart).

      To iron out variability, I'd like to use 3 month averages.


      Comparing values from different dates is already surprisingly tricky in Tableau.

      Datediff calcs don't seem to work because the moving average is a calc


      I have a table of the difference between two periods, but because tableau can't sort on a calculated field, I had to use the discrete data ordering trick

      This doesn't though allow top /bottom rankings to be used, because the sorting messes up the index!

      One thing after another, which is incredibly frustrating.


      Any ideas please?