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    Sheet’s data intermittently not showing up

    Lee Forst

      On Saturday we upgraded from 10.1 to 10.2.1 (Desktop and Server).  It seems that after the upgrade we’ve started having a problem with certain sheets not displaying on the Server.  The problem seems to be very intermittent.  We have spent the better part of a day and half troubleshooting this to see what the problem is and I think we’ve isolated it down to the following scenario.


      The workbook\sheet connects to a data source that is published on the server (see attached Sample Data.tde).  The data source is an extract.  In the data source, there is a calculated measure called Order Count.  This calculation is simply a COUNTD of the Order ID (please know this is just an example and the real issue at hand is a COUNTD on an order id that is duplicated).  We’ve published this data source to our server.

      The workbook (see attached Problem #1.twb) is connecting to the publish data source.  Note the attached twb has been modified to remove our server name from the XML.  You’ll need to adjust this yourself. 


      The scenario that seems to reproduce the problem (eventually) is to have a calculated measure that uses the data source’s Order Count measure.  In this case, we’ve created a measure called Math and it is Order Count + 1.  Then we created another calculated measure called Color Cal that is if [Math] > 4 then “True” else “False” end.  Then we drop the SUM of Number of Records onto Rows and Color Cal onto Color.  We edit the color to green for the value of True.


      Now publish the workbook to Server.  Now comes the intermittent part.  If you view the sheet, one out of every four or so times of viewing it the bar will not show.  If the sheet shows, then just click on the link in the breadcrumb to go back to the workbook and click on the sheet again.  Eventually the sheet will not show.  And when you do get it to not show, if you just click on Refresh, it will show. 

      It seems that it works if the measure is not on Color. 


      Again this is really intermittent and therefore hard to reproduce and troubleshoot as you can get false positives.  If you would like any additional information or clarification, just let me know.


      Tableau Server Version: 10.2.1 (10200.17.0328.0755) 64-bit
      Problem with IE or Chrome