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    How to aggregate over all records, not just those that my dimension has an entry for?

    Fred Ehnow

      I have a list of "event" fields that are scope to a "game" field, and additionally there is a field specifying whether the event belongs to the winner or loser.  Pretty simple data set.  I want to calculate the number of events per game, which is simple to do and works fine (as long as there is at least one event per game, which there is).  But when I drag the winner/loser field to the color mark, it shows a different total since it is summing the events per game for each winner and loser separately, and the winner doesn't have an event in some games.  How can I get the per-player totals to be calculated across ALL games rather than just the games that contain an event record for that player?

      I've attached a very simple example (in Tableau Desktop version 10.1.5) which lays out the problem in a very simple manner.


      Thanks for any help!