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    tabcmd export: Can't force date parameters through URL

    Marc Alexander

      I'm stumped.  Looking for a little help.


      I need to download a workbook and all the views in it.  I also want to pass dates for [Start Date] and [End Date] parameters to filter the workbook content. 


      I can successfully download the full workbook with this:

      tabcmd export "MyWorkbookt/MyView" --fullpdf -f "C:\ouptut.pdf"


      Try to customize/filter with various things like this:

      tabcmd export "MyWorkbookt/MyView?Start%20Date=2014-01-01&End%20Date=2017-01-02" --fullpdf -f "C:\ouptut.pdf"

      tabcmd export "MyWorkbookt/MyView?:refresh=yes&Start%20Date=2014-01-01&End%20Date=2017-01-02" --fullpdf -f "C:\ouptut.pdf"

      The workbook exports, but the PDF shows that the date parameters passed in were NOT used.  So, I'm missing something...


      The cmd editor shows:

      ===== Requesting 'MyWorkbook/MyView?Start0Date=2014-01-01&End0Date=2017-01-02' from the server...

      which doesn't look right to me.  But can't seem to find the trick to get over this issue.


      Any ideas?


      Thank you for your help!!!