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    WA State GIS

    Andrew Weller

      There were a lot of questions about Leg Districts, Congressional Districts, etc at the user group meeting.  Here's some resources that should be helpful.


      First, Tableau's Online Help walks you through step-by-step to connect to Spatial Files and Joining/Blending data with them.

      Create Tableau Maps from Spatial Files


      Second - WA State GIS Data can be difficult to find... there's data.wa.gov, geography.wa.gov, and OFM has GIS data as well. Unfortunately, it's not very well indexed or easy to find what you are looking for.


      Two of the more requested boundaries I heard were Leg Districts and Congressional Districts - you can find them here.  OFM | Census Geographic Files


      One issue that you may run into is that the spatial resolution is much higher than you need - the filesize is subsequently larger and it may affect performance.  I tried using QGIS and mapshaper.org to simplify the geometries, but I kept getting the following error in Tableau when I tried to connect to the simplified dataset: "A geographical coordinate in the geometry file is out of range, such as > 90 degrees."  I'm not a GIS expert - anybody have any thoughts?