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    Email subscription to views and workbooks

    Adam Adam

      We recently added a server to our tableau server cluster environment.

      Now we see that all the views subscription that run through that new node don't succeed and show the error below. Is there any extract configuration that needs to be done?



      The view snapshot in this email could not be properly rendered.

      To see the view online, go to https://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXhttps://XXX.net/#/site/BeltwayTechOps/views/BeltwayOntracDashboard/BeltwayOntracMetricsMoM

      You're subscribed to "View Name" via Tableau Server.



      Thank you


      Message was edited by: Toby Erkson I removed the server location as it looks like you tried to do that but it didn't work.