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    Legends or Text changes based on Graph

    Nivedha Satyamoorthi

      Dear All,


      I have create a set with list of values from a Pivot Column ( The list contains values like DIF (meaning Difficulty), ENG (meaning Engaged), ENJ) and using this as a filter to dynaically create bar diagram .  I have attached two screenshots depicting these. I want to Add legends/ Text Dynamically.


      Say, if I select Eng - the bar diagram changes and the legend for values needs to

      0-Less Engaged,

      1-Some what Engaged


      3. Very Much Engaged


      if I select DIF in the set filter, the bar diagram changes according to the DIF(difficulty) but I am trying to find a way to make the legends /text also appear dynamically.

      0- Less Difficult

      1-Somewhat Difficult

      2- Difficult

      3. Very Difficult.


      Can someone please help in achieving this?