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    Small Multiples Chart  ---- Data & Marks Question

    Thomas Rones

      I was following Andy Kriebel's guide to making small multiples charts, How to Create Small Multiple Line Charts in Tableau - YouTube, and was having an issue with the marks that has to do with my data.


      For the last date 7/1/2016, only 7 of the 15 companies have a record. If I delete the rows for 7/1/2016 then I have no issues (the chart looks fine), but I would like to find a way to fix the chart without modifying the data source.



      You will also notice that the extra mark is in the previous box. So I thought it had to do with the sort calculation, but I tried playing around with that and didn't get anywhere.


      Then I duplicated the sheet, removed the sort and the extra mark seems to be random (which makes sense since the sort is gone), but only 3 company marks have the issue. Look at the first sheet, (Extra I, F, K marks) for this view.


      I'm completely baffled on this one, any help is appreciated.