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    Applying a calculated field to all measure values.

    Billy Mohan

      Hi all,


      I have been asked to provide some year on year calculations which can be filtered by month. However when looking at the current month i would like to be able to see a comparable range for the previous year.



      If only 14 days have passed in the current month at the moment i see


                          2017                        2016

      Metric       14 days of data         30 days of data


      I've created a calculation which calculates the number which the 2016 figure needs to be multiplied by in order to get a comparable figure - Current Month Multiplier =  (Days passed in current month/Total days in current month)


      My questions is how can i then apply this to all of the data in this workbook, ideally i'd like to right an 'if' statement such as;


      If Year([Date]) = 2016


      [Measure Values]*[Current Month Multiplier]


      [Measure Values]



      Any solutions would be great.


      Thanks in advance,