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    Converting [January-2017],[February-2017],[March-2017] to Q1 '17....

    Anu Patel

      Hi All,


      I am trying to integrate a report that is generated in Excel to Tableau. The Excel Report has the fields: January-2017, February-2017, March-2017, etc. as a header and the rows are Revenue values collected in each of the months. I want to sum revenue by Quarter Year. i.e. for January-2017, February-2017, March-2017 to state Q1 '17 and all the revenue values from those three months to be added together.


      I know I can simply add a row in the excel file and sum the values from these three columns and name the column Q1 '17, but I am trying to automate the process as the Excel Report is generated in that format each month. Can someone help me incorporate this in tableau?  And is it possible to have this field continue to get updated as future reports are generated? for Q2 '17, Q3 '17 and so on?


      I am not sure how to create a calculated field to reflect this. I am attaching a sample workbook.


      Appreciate the help!