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    Sort and display default value based on sort


      Hi all,


      I have a filter like this:



      Item 1/2015-01-15

      Item 2/2015-06-30

      Item 3/2015-08-05

      Item 4/2015-09-15

      Item 5/2016-01-30

      Item 6/2016-02-05

      Item 7/2016-04-15

      Item 8/2017-01-30

      Item 9/2017-02-05

      Item 10/2017-02-08


      This filter has a remote data type: string


      How can I sort this to the maximum ? Because it´s a string data type treats 9 as the maximum and not 10.


      The other question that I have if is it possible to show the maximum result as the default on filter card?


      Thanks in advance