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    Trellis chart not displaying correct information

    Ian Barton

      Hi All,


      I've been setting up the following trellis chart which show revenue by multiple brands. Each brand is made up of one or more indications or SKUs and each brand rolls up into a Franchise. So the hierachy is Indication> Brand> Franchise. The problem is my charts don't display all the data properly. There's some issue with summing rows. Can anyone see why the charts arent displaying the correct numbers?

      For example, Prd 1 is made up of 2 indications. In 2016,  Indication 1L is 35.8M and 2L is 7M, therefore Prd 1's revenue is about 42M.

      It looks like the 'View by Brand' chart is only taking the first indication (ignoring the second) and charting 35.8M. But if you look at the Brand Table there are 2 indications. I don't understand why as I'm displaying at Brand level. I've taken 2 screenshots and attached the workbook. The same issue occurs at the lower level of indication and rolling up to Franchise which confuses me.


      Thank you in advance