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    Confirmed bug with string dates imported into tableau desktop

    ali twaij

      If your sql view has a string date and you then use tableau to convert it to a date in UK date format, then tableau 10.1 will fail to convert even if the workbook local is set to uk and even when you set the date format to uk format.


      To repeat bug:

      Open a work book and set the locale to uk.

      Create a custom sql query of :

      select convert(varchar,getdate(),103) as Date1


      This returns today's date as a string in sql server.

      Now add that dimension to a sheet.

      Now select the Date1 field to date by right clicking the dimension. Notice it will swap the month and day for some reason.

      Now set the default date property to UK format ie dd/mm/yyyy. Notice it doesnt switch it.


      This is a bug that i have repeated. Please can you fix it tableau.




      desktop v10.1