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    Can't overlay data points on Zip code heat map.

    Austin Hebert

      I'm attempting to show a heat map of patient volume that also show the exact location of the hospital.


      I've searched the forums for hours trying different solutions; however, nothing that I've tried gets me where I want to go.


      What i want to show is the heat map slightly independent of the data points.


      For example:

           Zip code XXXXX had 200 encounters

           100 of the encounters visited location 1

           100 of the encounters visited location 2


      So far I've been able to get it to only show the visits that are from one location or another.


      In the attached I've mocked up what I would like it to look like, if you were to combine sheet 1 and sheet 2. Sheet 1 has the visits by zip code like i would like; however, sheet two has the overlaying data points i would like.


      This was my first attempt and is perfect other than the fact that the data points are just centered in their zip code and not placed at their exact lat and long. https://public.tableau.com/profile/austin.hebert#!/vizhome/FebruaryVolumebyZip/Dashboard1


      Any help is appreciated.