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    SAML And Subscriptions

    Aniruddha Deshpande

      If we use SAML as authentication strategy will our end users be able to see the Subscription icons and subscribe to views themselves? Our users log in to our web site and then they see the Tableau reports in an embedded view in the "iFrame".


      Currently, we are using Trusted Authentication with restricted tickets and so our users are not able to see Subscription icon and react to it. Because of this issue we are thinking of switching to SAML.

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          Any chance you could share your embed code? I believe you should be able to subscribe regardless.



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            Aniruddha Deshpande

            We are using Trusted Authentication. We were using restricted tickets and so the users were not able to see Subscribe icon. Then, we changed to unrestricted tickets and users started seeing Subscribe icon and create their own subscriptions. I wonder how implementing SAML affect the subscriptions - whether it is like restricted tickets or unrestricted tickets?


            SAML being just another authentication strategy my gut feeling is that it would be like unrestricted tickets in Trusted Authentication strartegy.