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    permission user

    balkis ELOUEJ

      hello everyone ,


      We need to change the permissions of the users as follows:

      - role publisher  on the site: the user has the ability to edit a report then make a save as to save his report version.

      - at the same time we need to forbid the publication of report under tableau desktop ,this is possible by putting him the role interactor but it would have me more the possibility of making a save as at  tableau server.



      Is there a way to combine these two possibilities?

      thanks a lot for your help

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

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            Jeffrey Line

            So have implemented something like this, but my requirement is that the user who edits the report can not save it back to the original folder. I could not find any way to prevent the user to overwrite the original workbook. Got this from TC16 about creating a personal project.


            User is defined as a publisher role.


            Project X(Contains workbook to be edited)

            • Project Permissions as Viewer
            • Workbook Permissions as Editor
            • Data Source as Connector


            _Personal Sandbox

            • Project Permissions as Publisher
            • Workbooks Permission as None
            • Data Source Permissions as None


            So basically you are allowing them to save their own copy of the workbook into what seems to be their very own personal project. Since they are the owner they will be the only one who can see it and it can't be shared. now you can change that so that they can share it.

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