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    Boolean values import in Simulator correctly, but are all 'False' when importing to Tableau

    Rebecca Clay

      I'm working on a Web Data Connector, but am encountering an issue when importing boolean fields. The data type (bool) and field values are imported correctly when I test the dataset in the Simulator, but when I import to Tableau Desktop 10.2.0, all of the values are set to 'False'. All of the non-boolean fields for each record appear to be correct.


      Does anyone know what would cause this?


      Fields and values in Simulator:


      Same data imported into Tableau:



      This is what the json looks like that I'm importing from:



      My code can be found at rebeccaclay.github.io/dwPrototype.js at master · rebeccaclay/rebeccaclay.github.io · GitHub


      Any help appreciated!