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    How to know upcoming post / question @ tableau community

    Neeraj Goyal

      Dear All ,

      I am also working on tableau from the last 8 months and this community helped a lot in my beginning days so I would like to be part  this legacy. So request to you please tell me  ,

      how would I know upcoming questions / post @ this community

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          Sankarmagesh Rajan

          hi Neeraj,


          Community will update all questions and answers.Follow the community leaders and you will get answered mails.




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            Mahfooj Khan

            Hi Neeraj,


            Warm welcome to the community. Since past year I've been participating in the community passionately. I love to answer and share my knowledge which I've learnt from all the mentors (Tableau Ambassadors/ Zen Masters) and community users. Each and every day I used to learn new thing from this place. I must tell you this is the best place for learning Tableau. It's my personal experience. I always encourage people to join community forum who really passionate about tableau and wants to enhance their skill.


            Now coming back to your question. Once you login to forum the very first screen is the place where you'll get some interesting things. Here you go:


            Whenever I login I really feels good seeing this welcome message

            Just scroll down you'll get Announcement link. Its notify you about the on going events/happenings etc. Once you visit you'll get to know about that in detail. Parallel to that at right hand side you'll find Ambassador spotlight. This is really an achievement/honoured/recognition to those passionate users who've helped people with their tremendous knowledge and efforts. They're identified by Tableau. Try to read their spotlight. Its really inspiring.

            I don't know are you getting interest reading this post or not!

            If you're getting interest then here is another interesting section called Weekly digest. Its get published on weekly basis. Its written by the community support people from Tableau. They used to track all the information like who've received new badges (Once you start answering in forum based on your point you'll keep on getting nice badges on your profile), Most views post, Most discussed post, Others..... ect. Once you visit you'll get to know. Getting featured in weekly digest is really gives you a nice feeling. Its another way of getting appreciation.


            after weekly digest your journey will start with posts

            Recent content will show you the Top3 recent questions asked by the user. It get refreshed automatically each and every minute.

            Just below that you'll have top5 most recent discussions based on maximum replies and views. At bottom you can see your post is also in that list which I've answered Take a look

            Just below that you'll get Top5 recent unanswered questions which hasn't been entertained or requester hasn't confirmed post getting solution.

            At bottom sections you'll get ideas suggested by users. Feel to post your ideas there if you've something which you feels need to there in tableau. Rest part please go through the page.


            Huh...I'm tired now writing. Thank you all who has read this post with patience

            I enjoyed every minutes in forum. Feel free to add if I've missed anything.




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