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    Tableau Workbook Folder Structure

    Michael Szymanski

      IWe are building up our Tableau team and I have a few organization questions on setting up our tableau folder structure.


      We are developing a folder structure on our shared drive for all of our Tableau workbooks published to our Tableau Servers (Test and Production).


      Currently, we have 35 people using Tableau Desktop.   There are however only 4 people of those 35 allowed to publish workbooks to the servers.


      Here is our folder structure:







      All 35 people would have access to the ‘Test’ folder but only the 4 people who publish would have access to the Production folder.


      People would place their workbooks in Test and the 4 people would publish the workbooks.


      When the workbook is ready for Production, only the 4 people would move the workbook to Production and have it published.


      Are there problems with cutting and pasting TWB and TWBX files from folder to folder? 


      Do you see any positives or negatives with going with this type of folder structure?


      What would you recommend?


      We are on Tableau Server 10.0.2





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          Mark Wu

          Michael, I can't see your inserted image. It seems to me that you try to ask your Desktop publishers to put the TWB or TWBX into a shared drive outside Tableau before 4 authorized publishers to publish them into production server (if I understood it correctly). If that is the case, you are creating a lot of extra work to your team since the 4 authorized publishers can't tell easily if the workbooks are good or not from shared driver unless they download the workbook from share drive, and upload them to a Tableau server.


          It is much better to create a Staging and Production projects (those projects are also called folders) in your Tableau Production server. All 35 Desktop users can publish to Staging projects while only 4 of them can publish to Production project. The 4 authorized publishers should have project leader permission of both Staging and Production projects while remaining Desktop users have site role as Publisher but have publisher role for Staging project only - which means that all 35 Desktop users can publish to Staging project while only 4 authorized publishers can publish to both Staging and Production projects.  With this setup, the 4 authorized publishers can review all the workbooks/data sources in Staging projects to make sure everything is Ok: perf is good, data is accurate, etc. Then the 4 authorized publishers can move the selected workbooks from Staging project to Production project (project leader permission allows them to move workbooks or data sources).


          When there is a newer version of the published workbook in Production project, Tableau server will not allow you to move a new version workbook with the same name to Production project even you turn on version control which is true in 10.0. You will get the following error  "A workbook with the same name already exists in this project".


          What you have to do is to download the new version from Staging and re-publish is to Production with the same name, which will create a newer revision.