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    Income after a certain point based on income?

    Shaun Swanepoel

      Hi there,


      I hope that this makes sense.


      We have accounts that make purchases. They generate a certain income which results in a certain amount of profit.


      Let's say that when an account's income reaches x, how much profit is created after that point?


      I want to be able to say, once we have an income of x from an account (x is variable), how much profit do we receive?


      Please assist with the math - I am at somewhat of a loss.


      Attached is some data, aggregated to a date level.


      Dimensions: Date, Account ID

      Measures: Income, Net Profit, Purchase


      I want to be able to total the following:


      Net Profit, Purchase AFTER Cumulative Income = x on a FIXED Level (Account ID Level)


      It is also possible to calc this in SQL Management Studio and Extract it from there in Custom SQL Query, if this cannot be done in Tableau perhaps I can do it with Custom SQL instead?


      Thanks so much for all the geniuses out there who make Tableau awesome.


      Using Tableau 10.2.0