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    Where did the split function go?

    Kirsten Dyer

      Hi folks,


      I want to split a column.

      The first 4 characters are numerical followed by a space then text of varied length.

      I want to split out these into two columns - one column with the 4 numerical characters and the latter with the text. The text is the important bit.


      I went to use the split function but it's not there? I have looked for it both in the data source tab and in the right-click options of the pill for the dimension on the worksheet tab. I have Tableau 10.0.

      Struggling to find a formula via create calculated field which will answer this... my logic is a bit rusty with Tableau...


      The data looks like this:

      0051 University of Bedfordshire


      There are 13 million rows.


      Thanks in advance





      University   of Bedfordshire