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    kamran munib

      I am changing the data source and I am getting red marks on actions.

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          Anna Cheetham

          Hi Kamran


          Have you replaced all of the fields that had red !s next to them?


          If so, and you still have the red exclamation marks next to the actions, try removing those action filters from the worksheet by dragging them off the filter shelf.  You won't remove any action filters from the dashboard by doing this, you're essentially just removing the remembered results of previous selections on those action filters - the action filters on the filter shelf on the workbooks are automatically generated when you make a selection that triggers an action filter on the dashboard.


          Try removing all of those red-flagged action filters and hopefully that will fix the problem.

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            kamran munib

            Thanks Anna,


            If I delete it from the sets section will it be fine? dashboard will have no effect?

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              Anna Cheetham

              Ah, I hadn't spotted they were in sets, sorry.


              It's not something I've ever tried but if you save your dashboard before trying it and then just give it a go to see what happens, if it all goes horribly wrong then you can just close without saving and go back to your saved dashboard and you've lost nothing.  It's worth a try.