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    Value Showing Blank when selecting all in filter

    ameya v

      Hi, I have a client requirement. i have 2 tables , In table 1 I have Month & Year which has Null value as well . So for the regions (ie East1,West1,North1) where the Month & Year is null , I have to take the value from a separate view where I have values for those regions that fall against null in month & year .


      So I have used isnull(year) formula and I have used that isnull(year) in a separate field using the IIF condition.


      Also we need to show the figure in a YTD range for the region that have month & year . For those that do not have month & year, We need to take the value from the other source


      So the field that i made shows the correct value when shown against  a month/year or region . But when I drag the field to the shelf without mapping it against any dimension, it shows null value . Also for the regions (ie East1,West1,North1) where the Month & Year is null. it shows the correct output only when the region shelf is placed .


      so I need to get the output on the sheet even when nothing is shown against it ,


      Hereby attaching the excel file and The Tableau file


      See the Dashboard 4 for more clarity on the Doubt