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    Tableau Online - Get a List of Workbooks and URLs

    Jonathan Seaton

      Hey Guys,


      I need to get a list of all the workbooks on my Tableau Online account including the URLs for each.


      I've looked around and this action is available for Tableau Server - if this is the same for Online, then my question is how do I know what my Server is? See this link

      Collect Data with the Tableau Server Repository

      where it asks you to put in your username, password and the server into the PostgreSQL database option on Tableau Desktop.


      If it isn't the same process as Tableau Server, then my question is simpler to ask but more complicated to answer perhaps - how do I get a list of workbooks from my Tableau Online account. Ideally into CSV format so I can edit it in Excel? I thought tabcmd might do this but according to the command list you can only export full workbooks or urls, rather than a list of workbooks and urls..


      Any help appreciated thanks,