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    two dimension grid view using single column

    jacq N



      Can we show 4*8 matrix or 8*8 matrix etc. For example,

      I've two columns, Column1 values are from 1 to 32 and column2 values are from 1 to 128.

      I want to show Column1 as below attached image Capture1.png and Column2 as image Capture2.png

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          Jian Wang

          I think it would be helpful to provide sample with some real values and column headers and etc. So others can understand your request better.

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            Simon Runc

            hi Jacq,


            So yes we can do this...as I don't know your data I've made my own. As I've used Domain Completion, I've done this with just 4 rows!



            So first I create a Bin for Value, set to size 1



            As Bins are a "Range Aware Pill" (meaning they know the Min and Max and increment) we can use the "Show Missing Values" option to create a mark for all the values inbetween 1 and 128, and 1 and 32 (you could , of course, create your data with all 128 values, in which case you can skip this step)


            I then set up the following calcs (I've only shown the PNG 1 versions, but the PNG 2 is the same....just off a different #of Columns parameter)





            [ColVal PNG 1]

            [index]/[Columns PNG 1]


            [Column PNG 1]

            if [ColVal PNG 1]=int([ColVal PNG 1]) then

                [ColVal PNG 1]


                [ColVal PNG 1]<0 then int([ColVal PNG 1])


                int([ColVal PNG 1]+1)




            [Row PNG 1]

            IIF(([index] % [Columns PNG 1])=0,[Columns PNG 1],[index] % [Columns PNG 1])


            I then just drag [Row PNG 1] to Rows Shelf, and [Column PNG 1] to the Rows Shelf, and set the compute using (on the Table Calc) to use the Bin



            Hope that is what you were after, and makes sense (in short...index() is numbering the Bins, and the other formulas work out which Row and Column it should go on).

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              jacq N

              Hi Simon,


              Your solution shows exactly what I need, but I've data in other way.

              Please find attached data file.


              I've column1, Column2 along with those columns I've there X and Y axis(coordinates) columns . Based on X and Y coordinates I want to plot the grid( as shown in previous pictures).

              I don't want to show X and Y axis after building dashboard.


              We need to build dashboard based on this data and the output should like screenshots what I attached.

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                Simon Runc

                Cool...that should actually make things a bit easier, as we don't have to get into the murky world of data densification and domain padding!


                So I've created the 2 grids from your data...


                I created this by putting the sets of X & Ys onto the Rows and Columns shelves and then hiding the headers. The only other thing I needed to do was make the Column 1 values MIN (not SUM, or I could have used it as a dimension), and force the sort on the Column Y2



                Apart from the sort, which I also did for Grid 2...that one I could just drag and drop (and using the default of SUM for the values)


                Let me know if any of that doesn't make sense.

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                  jacq N

                  I did same thing but I didn't change the data type of x and y columns. I've x and y columns as measures, due to numeric data type it is not displaying as text chart.


                  Instead it shows like attached image, I don't want to change x and y columns as dimension, without changing can we do it?

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                    Simon Runc

                    So it looks like (hard to see without seeing the full screen shot, with what's on each tile/shelf) that you have your X and Y as continuous dimensions/measures (green pills). In Tableau we can use the same measure/dim as a measure or a dim and discrete (blue) or continuous (green) differently (and multiple times) within the same viz.


                    I think if you click on your X & Ys and change them to Dimensions, and then discrete that should do the trick.


                    If that doesn't work, can you post your workbook, or take a screen shot of the entire canvas (including rows and column shelves and the Marks card)...and I will (hopefully) be able to see what needs changing.

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                      jacq N

                      Got it what you said, I forgot to change Column shelf to discrete. I went and changed it and it works like magic for me.