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    Creating distribution pie chart over calculated dimension field

    sanjeev pandey

      Requirement: create distribution pie chart, for below requirement,

      Attachment: tableau workbook(twbx), excel with data and desired output.





      here we have to compare value difference for two different column 1 for ex compare f1 with f2

      column 3 is hierarchy in column 2, if any value for  particular column 2 or 3 is missing it will be considered as zero

      after calculating difference, difference will be put in range band

      lastly we need to make the pie chart of the distribution in different band


      tableau cal.PNG

      in above screenshot we need distribution for the last column.



      Desire output



      Thanks for your intentions to solve this problem.

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          Jay Morehart

          So you should be able to put [cal_difference_range_band_dimension] on color and number of records on angle. However this gives different numbers than you listed above

          This is because in your table above (I am guessing you just counted the occurrences of each range band for the excel pie data) several of the rows are actually multiple records rolled together because all of the values across f1, f2 and f3 are the same and Column1 is not on the view. Put column1 on rows on your table and you will see that the numbers line up.


          If you are wanting to count multiple records as one, you will have to determine what conditions require them to be counted as one and then write a calculated field for that

          you also may be wanting to count occurrences of one of the other columns instead of records, not knowing what your data means or what question you are trying to answer, I cannot speculate. However it is easy to see the relation ship of each of the other columns to  [cal_difference_range_band_dimension] as far as counts:

          If the pie chart you posted above was just an example and not the actual result you are expecting, this should help, if that is the result expected, some more detail is needed to understand this problem.

          You appear to be using an older version of tableau desktop so I have just included screenshots


          Hope this helps

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            sanjeev pandey

            Thank you Jay for your time on this. yes its tought to visualize the requirement. I have created one other thread with more requirement detail  Please see this Compare sales of different product between two countries,