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    YOY/YTD calculation Difference

    PJ S



      I am trying to calculate monthly YOY difference, using table calculation. Calculation works fine until previous month but the current month is misleading to to my users as it calculates only MTD of this year and all days of current month last year.

      Is there a way to limit day date for last year to match this year and yet show monthly difference.



      Today's date April 10 2017


      Sales of April as of April 9 2017- $100

      Sales of April as of April 9 2016- $150

      Sales of April as of April 9 2016- $1500


      If I am showing monthly year over year difference, I need to have April as $50 worse than last year rather than $1400 worse than last year

      Tableau 9.1 Version


      Thanks a ton in advance!