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    Overide the loading animation in a iframe tableau

    Andrianifahanana Mahefa



      Actually i'm using the tableau javascript api with angular2 and typescript, the result are good, but i wonder if it's possible to ovveride ( or hide ) the loading animation when i use the filter.


      In my viz.html i have this code :


      <div id="tableauViz"></div>


      And my ts file :

      generateTableau() {
              let url: string = "https://data.test.fr/trusted/";
              let tableau_url: string = url + token + '/t/test/views/' + target + '?:embed=yes&:toolbar=no';
              url = tableau_url;
              let placeholder = document.getElementById("tableauViz");
              let tableauOptions = {
                  hideTabs: true,
                  width: "100%",
                  height: "91vh",
                  hideToolbar: true


      I've tried using "onFirstInteractive" With the evend "CUSTOM_VIEW_EVENT" but i guess it's a wrong approach ?


      Thank you.