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    Tableau 10.1 hangs on entering long sql query!

    Nikhil Kishore

      I am using tableau 10.1. As part of my work I need to filter dataset to contain some specific ID. Therefore I am using "in" statement of sql to query dataset. Dataset has more than a billion rows. I am trying to filter dataset to get rows where id matches from the given list of 100,000 ids .


      My query is like this

      select * from dataset where id in (id1,id2...)


      Every time I try to run the query my tableau hangs! Thank you for the help!

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          Jay Morehart

          Best bet for this is to create a view in the data base with that query (the db will be much more efficient at handling this).

          I am also curious if it is tableau that is hanging or your system? when trying to run that as custom sql, what is your RAM and CPU usage? (the DB server also most likely has twice the resources as your desktop system and is much "closer" to the data)