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    Tableau online sync problem - data source - creating a refresh

    edward kibble

      Hello reader,


      I'm here today to discuss a problem I have with my data source.


      I'm currently working on tableau desktop version 64 10.2.0


      I have a Postgres data source which I connect to via the server, port, etc..

      Once connected I created a personalized sql request which collects all my data for use in my worksheets.


      After i'd finished working on my worksheets I decided I wanted to publish my data source to Tableau online so I publish my data source and opened the sync client.


      When I arrive on Tableau online I decide I want to create a refresh, lets say every 15 mins, so I chose my machine, clicked new refresh and picked my refresh time.


      I then went into the tableau sync client and clicked on refresh now. I connected with my login and password and the refresh started.


      Once it had finished I got an Error /!\ saying that it was not able to refresh.


      Thanks for reading.