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    Equal and Opposite selection

    Rahul Kondhalkar



      In Tableau 9.3:


      There are different users using  8 products such as A, B, C, D,E,F, G and H  .  We want to create two separate tables on dashboard like



      IF we select user(using User filter) and he is using products  A and B then only A & B will  get populated in Table1


      Table2 : In the table 2 we will be able to see remaining products (C, D, E,F, G and H) 


      We have tried below solution already but as we can’t setup multiple current values while creating a parameter it is not working for us.


      1-Create a Parameter    ProductParameter: type string ,   add from field Products


      2-Create two sets from  Products

           SelectedProducts:  By Formula :   [Products] = [Products Parameter]

           OtherProducts:  By Formula :   [Products] <> [Products Parameter]


      3-Create one sheet with the SelectedProducts set on the Filter shelf  and another with the OtherProducts set


      4-Bring the two sheets on the dashboard along with the parameter for the selection



      Can you please help us on the same.


      Thanks you in advance.