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    Run Rserve as a Windows Server service with NSSM

    Vincenzo Manzoni

      I installed R and Rserve on my Tableau Server (Windows Server 2012R2) following this guide.


      Unfortunately, the method describe in the guide to autorun Rserve at the startup as a backgound task does not work. in fact, Windows 2012R2 launches the script in StartUp folder only when a user logs on. The solution is to run Rserve as a service. The easiest way is to use NSSM (Non-Suckin Service Manager).


      These are the steps I followed:

      1. Install R and Rserve following this guide. When Rserve works properly by launching Rserve.exe, move to step 2.
      2. Download the latest release of NSSM and extract the appropriate version on folder of the system path (If the operating system is 64 bit, use win64, otherwise win32).
      3. From the command line, launch the command nssm install rserve.
      4. In the graphical interface, select the path of Rserve.exe and its folder as working dir.
      5. Select Install service (Installa servizio in my italian version).


      Go to Services and start manually the service for the first time. Otherwise, reboot the server.



      Hope that other users find this guide helpful.