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    big dataset in Tableau

    Debasish PaiMazumder

      Hi All,

      I have following dataset-


      datex1x2city city_ascii county_namestate_id  state_name
      6/1/17 78.8549.38AutaugavilleAutaugaAutaugaALAlabama
      6/1/17 78.9348.61BillingsleyBillingsleyAutaugaALAlabama
      6/1/17 78.7049.18BoothBoothAutaugaALAlabama
      6/1/17 79.0849.50JonesJonesAutaugaALAlabama
      6/1/17 78.9549.25MarburyMarburyAutaugaALAlabama


      Total number of rows 40,000 (county) X 92 (days).


      When I have only one variable (x1), then it works fine but for two or more variables (example x1, x2.....), the county map took forever to load.

      Any solution?


      with regards