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    Show how the top 5 providers for the selected year performed in previous and next years

    Sushmitha Reddy



      I have a requirement to show how the providers are performing over the years.


      Since, I couldn't share my data..I have created an example workbook using super store data.


      I have ranked the Sub Category by Sales and created an year parameter.

      With the selection of an year.. i want to show the top 5 sub categories ('current' sheet). For those top 5 sub categories for the selected year, I would also want to show what were their rankings in the previous year to the selected year and the very next year to the selected year.


      First, I tried to do this using a highlight action. This works well, but the problem is, we have 1000+ providers (Sub categories in the example) to fit into the sheet with out scrolling down.

      If there is provider at 3rd position in the selected year, and if that same provider is in 20th position in the last year, I wouldn't see him in the 'previous' sheet unless I scroll down the table.


      Second, I tried a filter action which didn't work as the  Provider is selected in the 'current' sheet is always showing at position 1 is both 'previous' and 'next' sheets because, it is literally filtering out that provider from those sheets.

      I have created those two dashboards in the attached workbook.



      Please help me if there is a way to do this.


      Thank you.