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    Convert monthly instances into daily within tableau


      Hello tubular tableau taskmasters,


      I am using tableau 9.3


      I have a marketing forecast that gives monthly sales projections for 2017 that i am trying to use in a sales and operations planning visualization. I would like the visualization to plot the forecast vs actual sales and the consumption of raw material, something like the following:


      However, the monthly view is not detailed enough so i would like to change the view to M-D-Y, but i have month/forecast quantity data. Is there a way i can display m-d-y and show the daily quantity in that month the month forecast qty / # of days in the month?


      I would just try to power through and change the excel file, but i would like to make one dashboard that covers all part numbers. and changing 12 lines (monthly) per part number to 365 will cause the excel file to exceed its row limit. please excuse the ramblings, i had a large lunch...


      oh one other thing, is there a way to only plot up to todays date and then trail off? i'm doing a running calculation and filter so after today's date, it just levels out.



      thank you for your time in reading this post.