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    TABADMIN commands spawn CLI subwindow

    Kevin Jennings

      Tableau Server 10.1.3

      Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard


      Processor: Intel Xeon CPU E5-2637 v3 3.50 GHz

      * 2 processors, 8 total cores

      * 32 GB Ram

      * 64 bit OS

      * Core Based License

      * Single Server Configuration


      I installed a Simba Couchbase ODBC Driver (SimbaCouchbaseODBC64.msi for 64-bit applications), and rebooted the physical server. I executed a TABADMIN stop/start when the server completed.


      TABADMIN commands are now executing in a spawned command line sub window, which closes as soon as the TABADMIN command completes. I am unable to see the results of the commands - I've tried piping the results to a file, and while the output file is created, nothing is captured there either. I am unable to capture/view the results of a "TABADMIN STATUS -V" command.


      Prior to installing the driver, TABADMIN commands executed in the same command line window as they were entered, without any issue. Responses were readable.


      This is occurring for TABADMIN commands only, not TABCMD commands.


      Is there any idea what could have been impacted by the installation of the Simba Couchbase ODBC Driver to cause this to happen?