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    Compare separate sets of data within a dataset




      I am trying to find a straightforward way to compare two+ sets of data within one single dataset. My initial thought is to go with creating parameters but I want to run it by the community first, in case there is a more straightforward option. Here is my example:


      If I had a single dataset with shoes and total sales I want to be able to choose which shoes I compare, and their associated characteristics (this could be on a tooltip if not on the graph itself). For example, I want a bar chart to display a sales comparison for red shoes to sales for all shoes. Depending on my filter selections for shoe characteristic, I’d want the measure values to update. Additionally I want to be able to modify it to compare sales for red shoes to sales for red and green shoes. If I had two filters for shoe color and shoe manufacturer,  I would want to be able to separately define the values included in my dashboard for the baseline group and the comparison group.


      Appreciate the help!