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    Export to Excel - Too Slow or Error - How to make faster?

    Ross Moffitt

      Workbook that has about 200k rows and 50 columns, but a filter that just shows a view of 80 rows.


      I am trying to simply export this to excel.  I am using the Worksheet Export Crosstab to Excel option.


      The performance is not good at all. I am usually stuck waiting 10-20 minutes, or sometimes it never opens and just gives me an error.


      Is there a better way to get this data into Excel?


      Is the Tableau Reader Export to Crosstab Excel better?

      Should I export to a MS Access Database first, and then to Excel from there? (seems convoluted).?

      Is there another way to export to Excel?


      Why is the performance so lousy?

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          Simon Runc

          hi Ross,


          There's no magic solution for effective exporting of data from Tableau...it's just not designed for this to be optimal. Exporting to Access is your best bet for large amounts of data. For Excel, the problem with Export CrossTab to Excel is that is does some formatting (data types, merging cells...etc.) which seem to take the bulk of the time. I'd recommend trying the Copy rather than export option, and then paste it into excel. This way it is just flat text and is much faster.


          Hope that helps

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