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    An unexpected error occurred.

    ravindra babu

          as a tableau server admin how to fix it?? Please help me out of this....


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          Hello ravindra,


          I've moved the post from Viz Talk (Share and discuss interesting data visualizations) to Server Administration (Connect with other Tableau Server and Tableau Online Admins to learn best practices for upgrades, scaling, permissions, and more).


          My advice is to check the workbook in Tableau Desktop.


          The message says, "No such column".

          So please request your user to check the calculated field mentioned in the error.




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            Brandon Babbitt



            For this type of error, I would recommend filing a Support Case with Tableau Technical Support.  It would be very helpful if you can attach additional information to the support case such as Server logs, how many users are affected, does the error happen in Tableau Desktop or only Tableau Server, etc.  The more information we have to work with the better we can assist.