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    How to create a dimension based on "is/isnot" a duplicate record?

    Courtland Hall

      I have a list of retailers and product sales for each. Every record/row in the source data is a product on display. In some locations, there are 2 products on display and in others there is only 1. I'd like to find total sales for stores where there is only 1 product on display and for those where there is more than 1.


      In the simplified example attached, there is only 1 retailer that "double displays" the product (Food City #611). For all other retailers, the product is displayed once. How do I create a dimension out of "Location" that creates buckets for single-display and double-display? I understand that in the attached simplified example I could just create a set, but keep in mind that the actual dataset is extremely large and it wouldn't practical to approach it that way.


      Ideally, the output would be one table that shows Sum of Sales for each bucket.


      Thanks for any help in advance