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    Newbie Here: Retrieve rows for ID if class has a certain word and all other classes for that ID

    K Ota

      I'm a newbie so hopefully, I've worded my question, etc. correctly:


      I've attached an example excel file that I will be using as my data source (tableau example.xlsx) and the outcome needed (outcome needed.xlsx).


      If area contains lll and title contains Photo then retrieve that row and every other row for that ID so ID1 would be excluded because they don't have a title with the word Photo.


      This is what I've done so far but not even sure if this is how to start:


      I've created a calculated field and put it in "Filters":


      IF CONTAINS([area],'lll')  AND  CONTAINS([title],'Photo') THEN 'yes' ELSE 'no' END


      I've placed the id, term, class_number, title, area and the calculated field in Rows so right now it is showing every row, even ID1 and the calculated field shows 'yes' or 'no'.


      Any help is very appreciated and thank you,