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    Need Help with Table Calculations

    Jatin Kakani

      Hello all,


      I have a situation where I have three columns, say level1, level2 and iteration. Each value from level1 can have multiple values in level2. Each value in level2 may or may not go through multiple iterations.

      I have another column datetime which is unique for each iteration. I want to give my user the ability to toggle to see either only the latest iteration or all iterations (the latest iteration would be the one with the latest datetime).

      I understand this can be done using table calculations and then using a parameter and calculated field. I  tried using the last function in a calculated field and used the calculated field in filter but I am not able to get what I want.

      Can someone please help on this?

      I have created a dummy workbook and attached the same. The workbook is created with version 10.0.