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    live SQL workbook in server is not reflecting/loading new dates/data

    emilie reimer

      hi all:


      forgive me if this is simple, but I have a workbook published to server that runs live queries against SQL Server.  each time the workbook is loaded on server it should reflect 'yesterday' data.  but when I load the workbook today (april 5th), for example, I see the greatest date for the field campaign_end is from late February:



      if I run the query that is driving this selector directly in SSMS, you can see that there are 'yesterday' dates:



      back in the browser, if I drag the selector to the left and then all the way to the right, it 'refreshes' to yesterday as expected:



      Question: why does each page in the story not automatically load to show the greatest date 'yesterday'?  I have tried clearing cache and reloading the page after initial load.


      I have attached a packaged workbook.



      Tableau Desktop 10.1.1

      Server 10.1.1.

      IE 11, Chrome