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    how to use same filter differently across multiple worksheets

    Nitin Agrawal

      Hi All,


      i trying to use same filter differently across multiple worksheets. So i wanted to know is this possible in tableau ?


      e.g. i have a worksheet showing quantities sold for different products. lets say it is sheet 1



      Depending upon the filter selection, data for the particular month/months will be shown.


      Also i  have a second worksheet in which i want to show trend of sold quantities for 3 months. let's say it is sheet 2



      Now, is there any way by which if i make a filter selection in sheet 1 then it should get reflect in sheet 2 as well(for 3 months of data). So if i select feb 2017 in sheet 1, then data for 3 months ending with the selected month should be shown in sheet 2(so Dec 16, jan 17 and Feb 17  data will be shown). Also if i make multiple selections then latest month should be considered from sheet 1(if it's possible for multiple selection then it's okay, i can make the filter as single value).


      i don't want to use parameters to achieve this because of some constraints, i only want to achieve this with the help of data filters.


      I am attaching the workbook for reference, I appreciate the help of this community, let me know in case any more clarifications are needed.


      Thank you