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    Share a dashboard through email

    Akhilesh Reddy

      Hi all,


      I've recently started using Tableau server, and configured it with local authentication. I've already published a dashboard onto the server but I am not able to share the dashboard through email. Whenever I hit the email link button its crashing and since I've used a local authentication, sharing the link manually through mail is also not helping since it is hosted on a local host. I've also learnt that you can't switch from local host auth after you've installed.


      Please help me in this regard.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Akhilesh Reddy.

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          Tushar  More

          Hi Akhilesh,


          I think you'll be able to access your Tableau Server, if you open that port in your network. You can share a dashboard using local host also. If you want to change the authentication, you'll have to re-install the existing version. Please check your SMTP configuration once.


          Hope this helps.



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            Donna Peak



            I have recently tested this in Tableau 10.4 and it works too good.  I am experiencing that if I use the share button and email the dashboard to someone they can look at everything in the dashboard and have all permissions as if they had an account in Tableau.  The problem is they do not.  Do I have permissions set up incorrectly or is this the way the functionality should work?



            Donna Peak

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              Yes ,you should be setting up that user on Tableau Server and setup the relevant / required permissions to get it correct.




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                Thank you all,


                We were actually able to determine what was going on.  I had inadvertently allowed the guest login and that is how they were seeing the dashboard with no account.  I disabled that and now they have to login.  Haven't really found a good application for this yet though.


                Thank you,

                Donna Peak

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                  Hello all,


                  It seems to me that several questions are mixed up in one post.


                  • Local host: Install Tableau Server on a machine that can only be accessed from local. It's a network infrastructure problem and it'd be better to consult with the company's network team.
                  • Tableau local authentication: It's a configuration of Tableau Server. For more information, see Authentication
                  • Email link button crash: might be some kind of error? I'm not sure about this without more details.


                  So what's the situation?




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                    Donna Peak

                    Hi Lei,


                    In my situation I had enabled Guest access.  When I disabled this access the user could not longer interact with the dashboards.



                    Donna Peak

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                      Hello Donna,


                      From your description I understand that,


                      • Your Tableau Server has core-based license.
                      • The requirement is your users should interact with the dashboards in browsers.


                      In order to achieve the requirement, either of the following is necessary.


                      • create a Tableau Server account for each user
                      • enable Guest User access without creating a Tableau Server account for each user


                      It seems that you want to disable Guest User access, may I know your reason or concern for this?