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    Print version of dashboard looks odd; can't seem to fix

    Angie Tarbet



      I am trying to figure out how to setup the printing from Server, I thought that I had everything set right but the PDF that is generated does not look like the dashboard on the screen.


      It is a simple dashboard with with about 5 columns of data and then horizontal bar charts for each row measuring day counts. The dashboard is at a fixed desktop size however the printout is smaller, especially the bar chart (bars for each row). It appears that the entire image of the dashboard does not size right to print to the PDF. The bar chart portion is much smaller than on screen in Server causing the data and bar chart to cover only about 1/3 of the actual size when compared to the view on Server. The title area does print out to the fixed size, so the image that prints out looks like a fixed desktop size title area with the data and bar chart (in the pane) only covering about 1/3 of that area. The title portion covers the correct amount of space but the bar chart does not expand, so to speak, when printing to PDF?


      How do I get the PDF printout to look the same as my dashboard view posted server? It seems to be the bar chart portion that is not covering the right amount of space when printing.


      I can't forward an example due to the data.


      Thank you for any help. Seems like the printout should match the view?