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    Color coding a measure based on value

    Kiran karnam

      Hi All,


      I am new to tableau and trying to create a visualization similar to the attached image. I need the visualization in a single sheet coz i have to replicate the behavior for more metrics.


      I am using Tableau 10. I have also attached packaged version of the workbook


      I have created a calculated field WOW and MOM which calculates the percentage diff b/w current week and previous week


      also used this calculated field to see if it sets the color but no luck


      if (([devices] - [lastweek])/[devices] * 100) < 0 THEN "RED"

      elseif (([devices] - [lastweek])/[devices] * 100) >0 THEN "GREEN"



      currently struck around setting the color for WOW and MOM and the visualization . Any help is appreciated