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    Is there a way to pass a dynamic value in the URL

    Anirudh Talakanti

      I have a requirement to build multiple dashboards and they all will be viewed one after other by using a parameter. Parameter value will be same on all the dashboards.


      So my first thought was to create a Dummy dashboard and just have the parameter and links to all the dashboards. When I select a value on the parameter, is there a way I can integrate that value on to the URL's for other dashboards.


      Please see attached workbook. I have a region parameter here and two other dashboards links saved on my public profile.


      I know I can add the static value on the URL. (https://public.tableau.com/profile/anirudh.talakanti#!/vizhome/Dashboard1_402/Sheet1?Region Parameter=East)


      Can the text in blue change based on the parameter I am selecting on the current dashboard?