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    Dateparse function missing in 10.2

    A M

      After upgrading the dateparse function is missing and my workbook returns errors:

      Any ideas why that is and what to do in this case?

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          David Li

          Hi there! Are you using a live SQL connection? DATEPARSE() can't be used on all data sources. Here's a quote from the documentation:

          Note: This function is available for non-legacy Excel and text file connections, Google Sheets, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and Tableau extracts

          To solve this, you can either extract your data source or change to a different function. For instance, DATE() works on all data sources.

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            Mahfooj Khan



            As David has already mentioned, DATEPARSE() is not available with some of the source in live connection. And to fix this use extract instead of live. If you have constraints like you've to use live connection only then you can try with DATE().

            Find my approach,



            Let us know if this helps,



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              A M

              Thank you. I used an extract before, but when I uploaded the datasource, accidentally it became live. Therefore the dataparse didn't work anymore (SQL Server).