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    3 Measures Each as own mark in Relative Bar Chart

    Thomas Rones

      I am trying to create a bar chart similar to this:

      Image result for positive and negative bar chart



      Except instead of those names I have 3 measures that are the deviation from the target. The target is .9 but ideally I could use something different for each measure (these targets themselves are currently also measures).


      The deviation from the target must be the size of the bar - therefore I need 3 mark cards each with their own size









      Here I also use a measure for each target (on columns)

           This would look exactly how i want it if only I could have triple axis (synchronized)


      I have found several tutorials on how to do this with a single dimension, and if it were a single measure then it wouldn't be an issue, but I have 3 measures.


      Any thoughts?




      OMG i am an idiot, there goes three hours of my life....


      My Calculated Fields already provide for this... but I didn't realize this because there weren't any negative values.


      Add the right values and it obviously works...